Kislovodsk Humanitarian Technical Institute

    Kislovodsk Humanitarian Technical Institute is the first higher educational institution of the city-resort of Kislovodsk. The Institute received its first students in 1992. Over the years, a lot has been done: a decent material and technical base has been created - the university has four training and laboratory buildings and administrative buildings in the center of Kislovodsk with a total area of ​​13,400 m2, in 2009 the largest and most modern gym in the region was put into operation; the number of students has multiplied. At the moment more than 1250 students study at the university on the programs of university and postgraduate education. The university produced more than 2600 specialists who successfully work at the enterprises and institutions of the region; a scientific library has been created and is actively developing: the library's collection totals more than 28,000 copies, and 72 titles of periodicals are being subscribed. a highly professional scientific and pedagogical team was formed: 15 Doctors of Sciences work at the faculties of the Institute, including 5 - legal, 5 technical and 3 - economic; 36 candidates of sciences. The Kislovodsk Humanitarian Technical Institute offers a wide range of educational programs in the most demanded spheres of professional activity.

    The objectives of the Institute are:
-satisfaction of the needs of the individual in intellectual, cultural and moral development, the acquisition of education and
qualification in the chosen field of professional activity;
-satisfaction of the needs of society in qualified specialists and scientific and pedagogical personnel in a wide range of natural, humanitarian, technical and socio-economic sciences;
-organization and implementation of fundamental, exploratory and applied scientific research;
-accumulation, preservation and augmentation of moral, cultural and scientific values ​​of a society;
- distribution of knowledge among the citizens of Russia and the Russian-speaking population of the CIS countries and abroad;
general educational and cultural level, the provision of other, in particular educational, services to a wide range of people.

Bachelor's programs

Educational programs of higher education on the basis of secondary (full) general or secondary special education



Educational programs of higher education on the basis of magistracy


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